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Music Education

At OKM,  we hope to bridge the music gap and engage children in the arts while increasing awareness of the importance of arts education.

OKM Music is dedicated to the arts for the area’s public schools, private schools and home-schooled students. OKM Music arranges group master classes with professional artists in coordination with local schools. In addition, OKM, in partnership with The Salvation Army, is hosting a summer conservatory. Our goal, like the master class offerings, is to get youth out of the audience and in direct contact with musicians and instruments.

Music education opportunities for children ages 4-11 is limited in underserved communities. The Salvation Army Conservatory provides a safe place for children during the summer and the opportunity to gain valuable social and cognitive skills through music instruction. Studies show that children who experience music instruction have higher spatial temporal reasoning skills. Thus at OKM Music we hope to bring children of all ages the opportunities to be exposed to music that will increase their learning aptitude in the classroom.