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Our Mission

At OKM we believe music matters. Help us positively impact the community of Bartlesville through music performance, education, and outreach.

The mission of OKM is to deliver high quality music and cultural experiences for all ages. OKM promotes Oklahoma artists at all levels from early-childhood to adults through enriching music education. At its core, OKM fosters the collaborative and creative spirit of musicians and artists of all genres in an effort to make the arts accessible to all.

What we do

OKM Festival
OKM Music Festival is an annual, multi-genre music festival held each June in Bartlesville, Okla. The festival is a week-long, multi-location event with professional orchestra musicians, concert artists and musical performances of the highest caliber.

Music Education
At OKM Music we hope to bridge the music gap in our public schools and engage
children in the arts while increasing awareness of the importance of arts education. We believe all children should have access to the enriching qualities of music education.

Building Community
OKM Music builds community through our annual festival, Oktoberfest, the Christkindl Market and the spring gala. Bringing our community together to enjoy the universal quality of music is part of our mission. Simply put, music connects people.

The Thomasane Chapple Memorial Scholarship Fund for Rising Stars ages 4-18 will enhance their access to music instruction outside the classroom. The Mihm Scholarship Fund for high school seniors will support their goals of higher education in music. OKM Music supports local students aspiring to careers in music and the arts.